October 16: Shoulders!

When the shoulders are working well, they are pretty amazing! Their unique ball and socket design allows us to throw a ball, hang by our hands, crawl on the floor, rake leaves, hold a baby, swing a bat, bear weight over our head, whirl our arms in circles, pull a wagon, push a wheelbarrow, lift heavy objects, and more! 
Unfortunately shoulder dysfunction has become a very common complaint in our culture. This trend is often blamed on age, rather than a symptom of our current lifestyle, which includes TV remotes and push button windows in our cars, as well as way too much time using technology such as cell phones and computers. Over using these devices without a proper balance of range of motion activities creates weak muscles, which results in too much internal rotation in this area, and improper alignment, which can lead to disaster!
According to Pete Egoscue, physiologist and author of the book ‘Pain Free‘, “almost every shoulder problem, with the exception of serious accidents, is caused by the shoulder being our of proper position”.  And this is most likely because they are not being used to their optimal potential, so function is lost. We assume our shoulders are working fine because they’re not working much at all.” Then when something is lifted or hauled, pushed or pulled, swung or reached for, the result is often pain and injury. 
This practice will be a combination of both therapeutic and weight bearing  poses to help realign the shoulders, restore function, and build strength.
Remember – ‘Muscles that do not move become muscles that cannot move!’

Tuesdays: Men’s Class 9:00-10:00; Gentle Class – 10:30-12:00


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