Plantain – Fast Relief for Bug Bites, Stings and More!

  Broad Leaf Plantain Although plantain is considered a super healer in traditional herbal cultures around the world, few scientific studies have been done to demonstrate its value. I suspect it could be because no one could make a profit by selling … Read More

The Simple Beauty of Teas

This is obviously the most universal method of using herbs, but many people are not aware of their powerful healing power. Teas are a direct way of getting medicine into your system in a fast efficient manner. Just the act … Read More

Honey Pine Throat Syrup

  It’s time to make honey pine throat syrup! Quick, grab a quart jar and pack it with the bright green new shoots off your favorite pine tree. There may be the occasional ant or spider hitching a ride, so … Read More

Super Tonic and the Immune System

The United States currently ranks 37th in health systems by the World Health Organization (WHO). Iatrogenic deaths, those caused by the medical system, are listed by some as the third leading cause of death, behind heart disease and cancer. Life … Read More