Thoughts From Sandy

October 16: Shoulders!
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When the shoulders are working well, they are pretty amazing! Their unique ball and socket design allows us to throw a ball, hang by our hands, crawl on the floor, rake leaves, hold... Read More

October 9: The Benefits of Going Sideways!
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Lateral and asymmetrical movements go hand in hand, and are extremely important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Lateral poses alternately stretch and compress both deep and superficial muscles of the entire upper... Read More

October 2: Vinyasa!
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Vinyasa means a gradual progression or a step-by-step approach that systematically and appropriately takes a student from one point and safely lands them at the next point. Combining the breath with this movement... Read More

September 25: Balanced Practice!
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Last week we worked on balance, literally trying not to fall down, whether we were on our toes, one foot, or one knee, standing or kneeling, upright or tipped over. Being able to... Read More

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